I Love You, Man released in U.S.

I Love You, Man is a 2009 American comedy film starring Paul Rudd and Jason Segel.

It was released theatrically in North America on March 20, 2009.

Peter Smith (Paul Rudd), a big-time real estate salesman, just got engaged to Zooey Rice (Rashida Jones), a stunning girl who co-owns a boutique called ZHD with best friends Hailey (Sarah Burns) and Denise (Jaime Pressly). Zooey is ecstatic about the engagement and calls her friends to tell them about it, but Peter does not seem to have anyone special he’d like to share the good news with. At Peter's parents’ (J.K. Simmons and Jane Curtin) house, it comes out that Peter is actually a "girlfriend guy," and his guy friends when he was growing up "fell by the wayside." After overhearing Zooey's friends tell her that they are concerned Peter does not have any friends, Peter realizes he needs to find some male friends in order to have a best man for his wedding. Peter seeks the advice of his younger, gay brother Robbie (Andy Samberg) on how to meet platonic guy friends and how to take them on man-dates.