4th Annual Dover Town Library Spelling Bee

“Gnorimoschema” is not exactly a word in everyday use — in fact, it doesn’t even own a place in most online dictionaries.

But the utter obscurity of the word (apparently, it’s a moth genus) didn’t faze Tod Dimmick, Lori Krusell and Pamela Mok, who together donned spelunking helmets and made up The Spellunkers, winners of the fourth annual Dover Town Library Spelling Bee.

Well, we can now identify the 12 smartest spellers in Dover. What an evening! You couldn't have made up a wilder story.

The first round went pretty much as one might expect, with the three teams (B-H Stingers, the Young and the Restless, and Prince 'n' Pals) in a dead heat for most of the round. The Young and the Restless (fabulous name: the teachers are young and their students are restless): Judy Cronin, Andrea Martin and Alisa Saunders, worked well under pressure alongside Prince 'n' Pals: Chickering Principal Kirk Downing, Deb Reinemann, and Sally Winslow, before the B-H Stingers-- made up of Bee Veterans Sue Geremia, Rebecca Kovrlija (a former champ), and Sara Muckstadt--edged them out and won the round, to the audible delight of their vast cheering section.