Boston Bruins defeat New Jersey Devils, 4-1

Before yesterday's one-against-two showdown, there was zero talk of clinching the Northeast Division title.

Hardly anything, in fact, about even winning the game.

Yesterday's tilt against the hard-charging Devils, one of the hottest teams in the Eastern Conference, was about only one thing for the staggering Bruins: finding their game, which meant putting out a 60-minute, black-and-blue effort.

It just so happened that by placing less emphasis on the outcome, the Bru...

The Bruins got just about everything they wanted out of today. They halted New Jersey's march up the standings. They turned in a 60-minute effort. They clinched the Northeast Division title. They got a much-needed win. And they reclaimed, at least for one day, the swagger that made them so dominant earlier in the season.

"I didn't talk about the division title," Claude Julien said. "I didn't talk about the win or the importance of the win. I just talked about our play. ...