Charla Nash Brutally Mauled by Travis the Chimp

The brutality of the attack was beyond horrifying.

Travis, the chimpanzee that had starred in Old Navy TV ads and lived with Sandra Herold more as a son than a pet, was savagely mauling the face of Herold’s friend, Charla Nash, inflicting grave injuries. In her desperation, Herold had no choice but to stab Travis with a chef’s knife.

Nash’s friend Sandra Herold owned the 15-year-old chimpanzee named Travis that attacked the victim without any provocation. Nash was visiting Herold when the 200-pound pet went berserk.

Herold could not stop the attack even after stabbing Travis with a kitchen knife. She called 911 and it was only when the police arrived that Travis let go of Nash.

The police shot the animal dead.