Former Governor Rod Blagojevich tees off on Springfield Illinois Politicians

Rod Blagojevich was interviewed on WLS-AM Radio in Chicago this morning.

He really tees off on everything and everybody, alleging adultery, excessive drinking and graft. I think he might be going crazy...

Here's some of his statements:

Here’s a little example, an insight I’d like to share, how the system works. They give these speeches and they act like they’re so moral.

There’s a prominent legislative leader, OK, you know, who was going to work with us on a couple of issues. But, you know, this is very common, he has a little laundry list of stuff he wants, and among these things—this is how the system in Springfield works, where a bunch of these lawmakers go down to Springfield, nobody even knows who they are, they’re away from their families, it’s a whole different world down there, a bunch of them are cheating on their spouses, a lot of them drink in excess, very few of them know what’s going on.

They just take their marching orders from legislative leaders, and then the legislative leaders (have) got to do things for them so that they can keep `em happy.

So the House Democrats, for example, virtually every one of them is getting extra pay because (Illinois House Speaker Michael) Madigan has given them all chairmanships and sub-committee chairmanships. Virtually every one of them, you know, have extra stipends that they get. That’s how he buys them off to do his bidding, and basically be blind and just follow the leader.

Another legislative leader came to us because one of his members was sleeping with his secretary. And then the wife found out and she wanted that secretary fired. But this guy was in love with his secretary, so he goes to the legislative leader, they come to us, they want us to hire this woman so that we can keep that guy happy and, you know, then hope that they might work with us on some issues.

Those kinds of insights on how government works.

And it’s not just state government. I saw that as a (U.S) Congressman in Washington, that sort of stuff. And it’s, you know, part of the human dynamic and I don’t want to be too judgmental, but these same guys get up and they get holier-than-thou on their soapboxes and there they are doing that sort of thing, promoting that kind of thing, and you know, yeah, people are human and they make mistakes, but cheating on your wife and sleeping with your secretary, that’s the wrong thing to do.

Later he went on:
I’ll continue to be, you know, as much as I can, I want to continue to be a voice for the people I fought for as governor. And I feel like in many ways I can provide insights now that I’m not governor that I couldn’t as governor because you’ve got to work with those people, that I think in the long run can be very helpful to the people of Illinois to know how their government works and how it screws them for the benefit of those who make the rules.

Think about it. They want to raise taxes on the working guy. There are 10 Democratic state reps who are double dippers. They take their marching orders from Mayor Daley.

There’s another fact that your listeners probably don’t know: For every dollar that’s raised through a state income tax, the city of Chicago gets what’s called a local government distributive share. So they get a piece of it.

That’s why Mayor Daley and a lot of other mayors across the state want the state lawmakers to raise the income tax because they’ll be the ones who do it, but they get a piece of the action, they get some of the money.

So those 10 double dippers. Rep. Joe Lyons (D-Chicago), for example, Rep. [John] D’Amico (D-Chicago) and a lot of these other guys who have big city jobs and they get paid $70,000 or better as state reps part time, are gonna raise taxes on people to pay for their two government jobs because the mayor gets a piece of the action to pay for that job that they have a (the city department of) Streets and Sanitation. It’s sickening. And wrong....
I feel like I can serve the people in a good way now. Because I have all kinds of insights that virtually no one has. And I can talk about the fixtures (?), you know, that I fought that system down there, and these people, and how we created opportunities for families, and we did it on the backs of the system, not on people. And I can give anecdotes and all kinds of stuff. … I don’t know if it’s dirt or not, it’s just facts, and they should know it…
My state senator here, who is the senate president, John Cullerton, drives around the neighborhood in a Jaguar. He works in a politically-connected law firm that does business, that gets businesses, you know, from state government.
They do real estate property tax work They represent big commercial properties downtown. And they get a piece of the savings. Madigan makes millions of dollars doing that that as well. Cullerton and Madigan have been part of an effort to prevent property tax relief for homeowners.
Because they way the property tax system works is, it’s a zero sum game. If you ease the burden on commercial properties, then you increase the burden on homeowners.
And there was an effort by [James] Houlihan, the [Cook] County Assessor, to change the formula and protect homeowners.
The legislative leaders who make money representing these properties downtown simply prevent homeowners from getting relief by not calling the bills.
And so, you know, these are the sorts of things that they can get away with. They’re probably legal, but they’re grossly unethical.
And, again, it’s the average guy in the neighborhood who’s getting screwed as they drive around, you know, working neighborhoods in Jaguars pretending to be on the side of the people.
See, those are the kinds of things I’d like to be able to tell, and let the voters and people know who they are and know what they’re doing to `em.

I feel like I can serve the people in a good way now.”

— Rod Blagojevich