New York Giants defeat Dallas Cowboys, 31-24

The Giants spent all of last week stubbornly refusing to admit the Dallas Cowboys were the team to beat in the NFC East.

They kept insisting the division race was far from over.

Now we all know why.

Thanks to a new-look defense and huge plays from Brandon Jacobs and Domenik Hixon, the Giants shook themselves out of their two-month funk with an enormous, 31-24 win over the Cowboys at Giants Stadium Sunday. They pulled themselves from the brink of elimination in what w...

He was also probably a little bit relieved.

"It is good to win and good to answer whatever questions are out there in terms of the way in which we play," Tom Coughlin said Monday when asked what the win meant to his embattled defensive coordinator. "And to answer some of the questions for ourselves."

That last part might have been the most important benefit of the Giants' 31-24 victory, because as much as Coughlin would never publicly turn up the heat on one of his a...

Michael Strahan, the emotional heart and soul of the Giants' championship team two years ago, started the "stomp you out" routine during the 2007 season and it has remained a constant in their pregame ritual.

He would gather his teammates around him in what he called the "family circle" on the field shortly before the pregame stretch, leap into the air, jump up and down and slam his foot as he screamed, "We're going to stomp them out."

It would fire up his guys, who ...