New Jersey Nets defeat New York Knicks, 104-95

The Knicks didn't fall out of the playoff race when they didn't show up at the Meadowlands Wednesday night.

It'll take a lot more than losing one game to the Nets, as embarrassing as that was for Mike D'Antoni's team.

By playing in the East, the Knicks should always be in playoff contention, right with a few other teams that are two tiers down from Cleveland, Orlando, Boston and Atlanta. After Miami, the fifth-best team in the East, the Knicks are in the thick of it ...

Nets 104, Knicks 95

New year, new Knicks? Maybe not.

New Nets? Maybe so.

Finishing what has been a disastrous 2009 for both teams, the Knicks and Nets met at the Meadowlands Wednesday night, hoping to end the year on a high note, not a difficult task for either team considering how low they've both set the bar.

And if what transpired on the court was any indication, 2010 - at least the start of it - could go a lot better for the team in New Jersey than it might...