Transportation Security Administration Announce Tighter Security Following Failed Terror Attack

The Transportation Security Administration on Monday tweaked some new restrictions imposed on flights to the U.S. from international destinations, giving additional discretion to cockpit crews.

Following an attempted bombing on a flight to Detroit on Christmas Day, the agency banned onboard communications on all flights entering the U.S. from foreign countries. Also, during the final hour of a flight, passengers on those flights were required to remain in their seats, and stow all gear.

The United States Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is now allowing airline captains to use their discretion over when commercial airline passengers are allowed to move about the cabin and what they can have on their laps throughout the flight. The security rules follow the Christmas day attempt to blow up a Northwest Airlines jet while on approach into Detroit-Metro airport from Amsterdam-Schiphol airport.

According to Reuters, the TSA has confirmed that pilots can decide whether passengers are allowed, and when they are allowed, to keep items in their laps. And as usual, pilots have full control of the seat-belt sign and may require all to be seated during certain potions of the flight.