San Antonio Spurs defeat New York Knicks, 95-88

David Lee was twice as good as Tim Duncan Sunday night and still it wasn't enough.

That's because Duncan has a couple of teammates with championship pedigrees who have the talent and moxie to carry the San Antonio Spurs even when Duncan is having an off-night.

"The thing about them is they know how to win games," Lee said after the Spurs' 95-88 victory at the Garden. "They've done it before. They know exactly where to go and how to execute. They know that from years ...

With six trips to the Finals and four titles starting in 2000, the Lakers are the obvious pick for the team of the decade.

No team comes close to what the Lakers accomplished, and that includes the Spurs, the only other teamĀ  in the conversation.

But the great Spurs teams from earlier in the decade and the one that comes to the Garden Sunday night to play the Knicks couldn't be more different.

"The real bottom line is we're still an inconsistent team, and we have ...