Rod Blagojevich named #5 on MSNBC's Top 10 Political Downfalls of the Decade

From NBC's Chuck Todd, Mark Murray, and Domenico Montanaro Following our Top 10 list of the decade's best statewide races, today we look at the decade's Top 10 political downfalls.

What did we get right? What did we get wrong? We'd love your thoughts...

1. John Edwards: No American politician has fallen so far, so fast. This former vice-presidential nominee and top-tier presidential candidate became a political pariah after the revelation of his affair -- as his wife, Elizabeth, was battling cancer. The upcoming publication of a book by an Edwards aide who at one time admitted to fathering the child of Edwards' mistress will only rekindle the story.

2. George Allen: It took one word -- "Macaca" -- plus a poor initial response to the controversy that helped transform Allen from a 2008 presidential front-runner to an ex-senator.

3. Mark Sanford: The Republican South Carolina governor, also considered a possible presidential candidate (for 2012), saw his political career come tumbling down after the revelation of (1) his affair with an Argentine woman, and (2) various ethics troubles. Although he appears to have survived efforts to impeach him from office, his political future hardly looks bright. The words “Hiking the Appalachian Trail” will live in infamy.

4. Tom DeLay: Arguably the most powerful Republican in the House stepped down from his leadership post -- and then left Congress -- after the Abramoff scandals and his indictment in Texas (on political money-laundering charges). He then reappeared on … "Dancing with the Stars." (He bowed out with foot fractures.) Worth noting: DeLay is still under indictment in Texas.

5. Rod Blagojevich: What can you say about Blago? He gave us more post-Election 2008 news than anyone could have thought possible. It was a fast and far fall -- rising from congressman and governor, and then came his indictment on federal corruption charges in 2009. We’ll always remember (unfortunately) his wild news conferences (including quoting Kipling), his Elvis impersonations, and not being allowed (by court order) to participate in the reality show, “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here.” Nothing stopped his wife, however, from taking part.