Rob Blagojevich, Rod Blagojevich's brother, asks judge to keep some phone calls private

Rod Blagojevich's brother, Robert, is asking a judge to keep private 208 phone calls he says the FBI wrongly intercepted as part of its investigation into the former governor.

A defense court pleading filed Tuesday reveals that the feds captured more than 1,500 phone calls from the cell phone of Robert Blagojevich during their covert investigation last year.

The FBI taped more than five hours of private conversations between Robert Blagojevich and his wife or between himself and his son. Those conversations should not have been part of FBI eavesdropping and were a violation of a court order and the law, contends Michael Ettinger, Robert Blagojevich's lawyer.

"To the extent that they did it, my client is extremely upset, as is his wife," Ettinger said. Ettinger said there's nothing illicit in the conversations -- but argued that they're private.