Pittsburgh Steelers defeat Green Bay Packers, 37-36

Pittsburgh — The Green Bay Packers are running out of ways to get kicker Mason Crosby out of his slump.

This week the Packers, purely to give Crosby more confidence, decided to replace quarterback Matt Flynn as the field-goal holder with punter Jeremy Kapinos.

It didn't work.

Crosby missed from 34 yards out - again from the right hash mark - early in the second quarter. With the Packers losing 37-36 to the Steelers, Crosby's miss proved to be costly.

"It was mo...

Pittsburgh — The kind of ground the Green Bay Packers gave up Sunday at Heinz Field Sunday could have paved a swath all the way from here to New Orleans or Minnesota or Arizona or Philadelphia - all places the defense is clearly not ready to go.

Not after the aerial assault Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger commanded in a stunning 37-36 victory.

The formerly No. 2-ranked Packers defense showed exactly where it's vulnerable and where it will be expose...

PITTSBURGH: Mike Wallace, 60-yard pass from Ben Roethlisberger (Jeff Reed kick), 14:18 left.

How they scored: On the Steelers' first play, Roethlisberger ran a bootleg to the right. On that side, Wallace took an outside release against Jarrett Bush. Near the GB 25, Bush inexplicably broke stride. Wallace kept running, made the catch at the 9 and spun away from Bush's clutches for the TD.

The drive: One play, 60 yards, :10.

Steelers 7, Packers 0


Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger bailed his head coach out of heap of trouble when he hit rookie receiver Mike Wallace for the final touchdown to lift the Steelers past the Green Bay Packers.

Mike Tomlin will still have to answer the questions, but thanks to Roethlisberger, he can't be accused of causing his team to lose.

Tomlin's decision to try an onside kick with a two-point lead near the end of the game won swift and unqualified condemnation fro...