New York Knicks defeat Los Angeles Clippers, 95-91

Nate Robinson's agent continues to reach out to Donnie Walsh in an attempt to free his client from Mike D'Antoni's doghouse.

Walsh confirmed Friday that Aaron Goodwin contacted him earlier this week to discuss the status of the fifth-year guard, who was benched for his eighth straight game Friday night as the Knicks (5-3 during that stretch) beat the Clippers, 95-91. According to a source, Goodwin first contacted Walsh the day after Robinson's initial benching against t...

When Mike D'Antoni looked to his bench to snap the Knicks out of an early funk, the coach had both Nate Robinson and Eddy Curry to choose from and instead picked a guy who hadn't appeared in an NBA game in more than four years.

Such was the state of the Knicks, and such is the state of Robinson and to a lesser extent Curry.

There were two dramatic comebacks at Madison Square Garden Friday night. One was made by Jonathan Bender and the Knicks completed the other.