Los Angeles Clippers defeat Minnesota Timberwolves, 120-95

Kevin Love says he learned a lot just by watching while he was sidelined for the season's first month, and you have to wonder: Did he learn that sitting out the first month can be an effective strategy by itself?

After all, Joe Mauer missed a month to injury this year, and all he did was earn a Most Valuable Player trophy.

"Well, I don't see myself winning any MVPs," Love said Wednesday.

But the layoff didn't go to waste either, he said. "There were certain advantage...

Kurt Rambis, generally the embodiment of patience and composure even during the most excruciating losses, finally reached his breaking point Wednesday. As his team trudged back to the huddle during a brutal second-quarter thrashing, he sounded more like an enraged Timberwolves fan shouting at his TV than the ever-serene coach.

"Play some defense," were three of the four words Rambis bellowed at the Wolves, adding an X-rated adverb for effect.

Admirable sentiment. Emp...