CDC Estimates that the H1N1 Flu has Killed 10,000 Americans since April

H1N1 swine flu killed 10,000 Americans, sent 213,000 to the hospital, and sickened 50 million -- a sixth of the population -- by mid-November, the CDC estimates.

The CDC's new estimates reflect a flood of new cases from mid-October to mid-November, as the current wave of the U.S. flu pandemic was climbing to its peak. The numbers represent the middle of a range of estimates made using statistical calculations to correct for underreporting of cases, hospitalizations, and deaths.

"About 15 percent of the entire country has been infected with H1N1 influenza, or about one in six people," Frieden told a media briefing.

"That still leaves most people not having been infected and still remaining susceptible to H1N1 influenza," he said.

He said supplies of H1N1 vaccine had continued to improve, and some 85 million doses of the vaccine had been made available for distribution so far, with 12 million more doses added this week.

That is up from 73 million doses a week ago -- but still far fewer than had been hoped for by this week.