Utah Jazz defeat New York Knicks, 95-93

The Utah Jazz has more of a vested interest in the Knicks this season than most of the Knicks themselves.

Utah is the sole beneficiary of every loss the Knicks pile up this year. And from the looks of things, there will be plenty of losses. Utah owns the Knicks' 2010 first-round pick, a pick that originally was included in the ill-fated Stephon Marbury deal with the Phoenix Suns and later rerouted to Utah. The defining trade of the Isiah Thomas regime is the trade that ...

Toney Douglas was having the game of his young NBA life, rallying the Knicks out of another huge second-half deficit and making Deron Williams look rather ordinary in the process.

"I thought his speed, athleticism and tenacity on defense really picked us up," Mike D'Antoni said. "Toney gave us a nice spark."

Everything was perfect for Douglas except the ending. There was nothing special or inspiring about it. In fact, it was a recurring theme for the Knicks this seas...

The Knicks felt good about losing Monday night.

It's almost laughable, but that's the kind of crisis they had put themselves in before they took the Utah Jazz to the wire at the Garden.

Before they showed some fight and got a big night out of rookie Toney Douglas in a 95-93 loss, the Knicks' approach to the season was to just get it over with.

Long-term, it doesn't matter if the rent-a-Knicks don't care. Most will be gone by July 1, anyway, politely shown the door...