Portland Trail Blazers defeat Minnesota Timberwolves, 116-93

PORTLAND, ORE. - Somebody in the Timberwolves' locker room before Sunday's 116-93 loss wondered why Portland is called Rip City, the longtime catch phrase the Trail Blazers are using this time around to celebrate their 40th year.

Excellent question.

And a bit prophetic, too.

The first word spelled out, it is the nickname the team's broadcaster invented one night in an inaugural season long ago for the sound the net made constantly in a late, unlikely comeback agai...

PORTLAND, ORE. - Timberwolves forward Kevin Love suffered through two of the worst performances last season in Portland -- his hometown -- during an otherwise satisfying rookie year.

Whether he had put undue pressure on himself or whether the long, athletic Trail Blazers are just a bad matchup for him, he's still not sure.

Slimmed down considerably when he reported for training camp in late September, Love was hoping his new boyish figure would provide more of an ans...