Naperville businessman charged with bribing Ike Carothers

It was June, 2008, when a Naperville businessman met with an influential city alderman to talk about winning lucrative airport concessions contracts.

Their discussion was part in code and part out loud.

But it was all captured on FBI recordings, according to charges.

With both video and audio rolling, the businessman, Wafeek "Wally" Aiyash, allegedly offered Ald. Isaac "Ike" Carothers a $100,000 cash bribe -- $10,000 of it up front -- if Carothers would secure concessions contracts for him, a criminal complaint unsealed Thursday says.

A businessman offered a $100,000 bribe to an alderman he thought could help him open seven restaurants in Chicago's two airports, according to federal charges unsealed Thursday.

But the businessman did not know that the powerful alderman, Isaac "Ike" Carothers, had been cooperating for months in an undercover FBI sting, a source familiar with the investigation said.

Carothers wore a hidden microphone and a video camera to secretly capture his meetings with businessman Wafeek "Wally" Aiyash.

Authorities, referring to Carothers in court papers only as "Cooperating Witness," said the alderman began helping them in 2008 in hopes of winning a reduced sentence for his own crimes. Charges against Carothers for allegedly taking bribes from a developer were made public earlier this year.