City of Chicago Announces Plans to Downsize to Single Christmas Tree in Daley Plaza for First Time Since 1955 as Cost-Cutting Measure

The city of Chicago is trying to trim its budget when it comes to trimming its Christmas tree.

Last year, the city put up a 90-foot-high tree that was actually made up of 113 smaller trees.

This year, the Office of Special Events says Chicago has downsized its plans. The tree that will go up in Daley Plaza will be a single tree, and the 56-foot blue spruce was donated by a Palos Heights family.

For the first time since 1955, the municipal Christmas tree will be a single large tree, instead of a mash-up of small trees lashed together.

Last year, the 90-foot-high city tree was made of 113 little trees, said Mary May of the Office of Special Events. This year's tree is 56 feet tall, but with its platform and star topper, it'll be about 60 feet.