Minnesota Vikings defeat Chicago Bears, 36-10

Brett Favre probably didn't need to volunteer the information considering he had just thrown for 392 yards in the Vikings' 36-10 victory over the Chicago Bears on Sunday.

But for anyone curious, the quarterback's arm is feeling great these days.

Of course, Favre admits he can't say the same about his legs, back, hips, knees, ankles and other assorted body parts -- but the 40-year-old isn't about to let that slow him down. Not with the Vikings sitting at 10-1 after Favre...

Say this much for the Chicago Bears. They didn't let Adrian Peterson have another monster game against them.

The Vikings running back had rushed for 554 yards with eight touchdowns in four career games against them entering Sunday, and Chicago wasn't going to let that scenario repeat itself.

Problem was the Bears didn't account for the fact this is a far superior Vikings team to any they have faced in recent years, and it can beat an opponent in a variety of ways. Th...