Pilgrim's Progess

A spiritual guide, named Evangelist, visits Christian and is urged to leave the City of Destruction.

Christian is unsuccessfully urged by the Worldy Wiseman to lead a practical, happy existance without religion.

Goodwill tells Christian to stop by the Interpreter's home, where he learns many lessons about faith.

Along the wall of Salvation, Christian sees Christ's tomb and cross; at this vision, his burdens fall to the ground.

Christian is handed a rolled certificate for entry into the Celestial City.

Christian conquers the monster, Appollyon.

Christian meets Faithful, and Evangelist warns both of the two that one of them is going to die in the wicked town of Vanity.

Faithful is executed in Vanity and goes to Heaven; Christian escapes the city of Vanity and continues his journey.

A pilgrim named Hopeful befriends Christian.

Hopeful and Christian are imprisoned and tortured by the Giant Despair, but they escape using the key of Promise.

Christian and Hopeful are warned by wise shepards about shortcuts, in Error and Caution mountains, which may lead to hell.

Christian and Hopeful come across Ignorance, Flatterer, and Atheist.

They cross the sleep inducing Enchanted Grounds and try to stay awake while discussing Hopeful's sinful past, and religious doctrine.

Christian and Hopeful finally approach the land of Beulah, where the Celestial City is located.

Christian's wife, Christiana, goes with her children to meet her maker, the master in Celestial City.