Boston Celtics defeat New York Knicks, 107-105

What we saw Sunday was the good and the bad of the Celtics.

They showed all of their strengths and weaknesses. They are a team that is difficult to beat because they are relentless. Their star power allows for many options in crunch time because three -- and maybe four -- players can take the potential winning shot and they are a beautiful team to watch when they are playing defense and hitting 3-pointers.

We also saw the Celtics look old and slow. Rasheed Wallace looks...

The Celtics went through some soul-searching yesterday, trying to find answers for their recent slump.

But Paul Pierce did not have to look very deep to find the problems.

“The past few weeks we’re not playing well and I think it’s just the little things, the simple things, that we’re not doing,’’ Pierce said before boarding a flight to New York for today’s game against the Knicks. “But, you know we’re going to get it together. This is a confident ball club. We’ve pl...