Portland Trail Blazers defeat Minnesota Timberwolves, 106-78

After having his broken left hand X-rayed once more and consulting a specialist, Kevin Love now knows what he needs to do next.

Go shopping.

"I've run out of suits," the Wolves' second-year forward said of his inactive-list wardrobe. "I need to get a few more."

Another three weeks' worth, he figures, because that's how long doctors believe the bones in his hand need to fully heal. Love broke his hand during an Oct. 16 preseason game in Chicago, and underwent surge...

PLAYA VISTA, CALIF. - July is far away.

Timberwolves basketball boss David Kahn made move after move last summer to position his team for next summer's free-agency bonanza. Until then, though, the players he has assembled for this season seemingly -- and metaphorically, of course -- walk the plank.

With injured Kevin Love probably three weeks away from making his season debut, the Timberwolves have lost 12 consecutive games. At 1-12 after Saturday's 106-78 loss at Po...

PORTLAND, ORE. - The Timberwolves lost their 12th consecutive game with a 106-78 decision at Portland that coach Kurt Rambis had hoped his team would treat like the playoffs.


You kidding me? Playoffs?

Pardon the Jim Mora reference, but Rambis' point was this: An NBA scheduling quirk left the Wolves playing the Trail Blazers for the third time in 13 days and he wanted his players to treat the anomaly as they would a playoff series, where teams learn more ...