New York Knicks defeat New Jersey Nets, 98-91

No one in in his wildest dreams thought Allen Iverson could have transformed the Knicks into a championship-caliber team, but fans were dealt another blow Friday when the struggling franchise passed on the free agent and former MVP.

"What do the Knicks have, two wins?" said Jose Valentine, 24, of Manhattan. "Iverson can win more games than that by himself. He has the heart to play, he loves the game."

"It's a bad move," added Tim Coffey, 25, of Brooklyn. "They could ...

At least the Knicks don't stink as much as the Nets.

That's one way of looking at their 98-91 victory in New Jersey Saturday that extended the Knicks' winning streak to two and the Nets' season-opening losing streak to 13. The fear of failure never seemed to motivate the Knicks before, but Saturday at the Meadowlands it consumed them.

"You guys would have killed us," Al Harrington told reporters.

"Every time they got close that's all you thought about," Eddy Curry...

Take it from a guy who coached a college basketball team that lost 22 games in a row: "Brighter days are ahead" for the hapless Knicks and Nets.

Jeff Ruland, the former Iona College coach who endured heaps of frustration and futility in the awful 2006-2007 season, said the NBA teams "have to stay positive."

"Obviously you have to have some talent, but the biggest thing is you have to stay together," Ruland said Friday. "Screaming, crying and doing all that stuff isn'...