Orlando Magic defeat Boston Celtics, 83-78

The Celtics had the Orlando Magic where they wanted them last night.

Their big guns and newcomers were ready to go, not worn down by a long season, simply motivated to make up for last season’s Game 7 playoff loss - on their home court.

Instead, the Magic took up where they left off last May, taking an 83-78 victory over the Celtics.

Both presented revamped versions of last season’s teams. But Orlando is making a smoother transition.

“We are not functioning well a...

Something happened after the Celtics' 6-0 start to the season. It was like -- to steal a line from Jay-Z -- somebody slipped the Celtics an Ambien because they've looked lethargic and downright disinterested in splitting the six games since.

You just get the sense that the Celtics started sleepwalking, awaiting the next real challenge and just content to roll out a good quarter here or a good quarter there to put lesser teams -- or perceived lesser teams -- away. Teams ...

Rasheed Wallace gave a strong performance on the boards in relief of foul-prone Kendrick Perkins in the Celtics’ 83-78 loss to Orlando last night. But Wallace continued to struggle with his 3-point shooting.

“I ain’t worried about it, honestly,’’ said Wallace, after he missed all eight 3-point attempts. “I probably rushed about two or three of them. Other than that, it’s good looks, they’re just not going for me. I’m not worried about my offense now. It’s still early in...