Boston Celtics defeat Golden State Warriors, 109-95

This was a blowout that did not seem like a blowout.

The score - the Celtics defeated the Golden State Warriors last night, 109-95 - indicates a comfortable margin of victory. But the Celtics never appeared to be completely certain of themselves, only briefly able to assert their dominance over a team that was concluding a five-game road trip with eight available players, including Raja Bell, who is scheduled for surgery on his left wrist.

“That team scares the hell out...

Celtics coach Doc Rivers didn't hesitate to open the press conference showing his respect to the Warriors, after his team just won 109-95. Here's some excerpts from his post-game transcript:

"That team scares the hell out of you. You want to sub your guys out with five minutes left and you're worried about them making a 20-0 run in the two seconds. I mean, they're a hell of an offensive team, I'll tell you that.
(On the second half) "Well, we had to play better in the ...

After beating the Warriors 109-95, the Celtics chimed in on playing against Nellie-ball and coming off of a two-game skid.

Kendrick Perkins:

"They do a lot of switching. Coach Nelson also likes to play small ball sometimes so you know Doc was saying get it in and you know we just had to be responsible and they start trapping and that changed the game. I thought that Rondo started getting aggressive, he starting taking the basket. That changed the whole game. Every ti...