Swiss Pharmaceutical Maker Novartis Announces Study Results Suggesting Half-Dose of Its H1N1 Vaccine Sufficient for Protection Against Flu

The vaccine against the H1N1 influenza remains effective at half doses, according to a study by Swiss pharmaceutical manufacturer Novartis (NYSE:NVS) International AG released on Tuesday.

''These promising data suggest that many more people could potentially be vaccinated..., protecting more people earlier against the current pandemic,'' Novartis said in a press statement.

Pharmaceutical maker Novartis AG said Tuesday a U.S. clinical study suggests that half a dose of its swine flu vaccine may be sufficient to protect people from the virus and could allow many more to be immunized with current supplies.

Clinical trials of around 4,000 individuals have shown that half the current dose of its U.S.-approved vaccine Fluvirin gives immunity to adults, the Swiss drug maker said in a statement.