Judge denies Rod Blagojevich's lawyers' motion to delay trial

Former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich and his brother Robert are still scheduled to spend the summer in a Chicago federal court - despite the best efforts of their attorneys.

Sheldon Sorosky says the judge should delay the trial until a trio of Supreme Court rulings are made in June.

SOROSKY: Should there be a Supreme Court decision which affects some of the legal theories of this case, it certainly would be foolish to begin something and then have to stop it because the Supreme Court rendered some decisions which would require a reversal of tactics by everyone.

Sorosky says he's worried about wasting time researching an argument he won't need.

But Federal Judge James Zagel says he thinks the Blagojevich's attorneys should be prepared for their case by the June trial date.

But Zagel did leave the door open for a brief delay.