Philadelphia Eagles defeat New York Giants, 40-17

PHILADELPHIA - The Giants have lost their way.

It happens to good NFL teams sometimes during the course of a long season, and it isn't necessarily fatal when the record still says five wins and three losses at the midway point. But this peculiar form of amnesia usually doesn't afflict the Giants, who have an institutional memory for conventional power football on both sides of the ball.

Unlike the Jets, the Giants always are supposed to know who they are. But now Tom Co...

PHILADELPHIA - One bad loss didn't make the Giants worry, and two straight weren't enough to make them panic.

So what about now?

Panic can't be all that far off after the Giants crashed into what they can only hope is rock bottom yesterday. The Giants were humiliated, 40-17, by a Philadelphia Eagles team playing without the injured Brian Westbrook, thanks to another shaky performance from Eli Manning and a terrible game from a defense that Antonio Pierce called "a co...