Boston Celtics defeat New Orleans Hornets, 97-87

Celtics captain Paul Pierce, who led Boston with 27 points in tonight's 97-87 win over New Orleans, praised point guard Rajon Rondo's play after the game.

"I think he's just mature," said Pierce. "He understands that he's the quarterback out there and he understands he has to do it with his defense and distribution. He understands that we have so many weapons out there."

Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo walked through the locker room following tonight's game with his right ankle iced and heavily wrapped, a byproduct of a fall he took in the first quarter of tonight's win over the Hornets.

As for some words he may or may not have had with New Orleans' Chris Paul after the game, the Celtics made that topic off limits before introducing Rondo to the media tonight. As in no questions having anything to do with Paul. Tonight, tomorrow, or eve...

FINAL: Celtics 97-87
Test passed. Another game won.

The Hornets gave the Celtics quite a battle tonight, but the Celtics executed flawlessly down the stretch to preserve the 97-87 win. Back with more from the Garden in a bit.

39.1 fourth quarter, Celtics 97-86

The Celtics have run their offense perfectly down the stretch. A couple of big jumpers by Paul Pierce, and a full 24-second possession before Kendrick Perkins threw it in on that last play. That...

Boston was pushed tonight in its toughest game of the season, New Orleans is going to be a factor in the Western Conference if it plays like this every night but the C's still won by 10. This was not an impressive performance. The Celtics committed 16 turnovers -- for the third time this season -- and were shabby in their ball-handling and 3-point defense.

After allowing opponents to hit eight 3-pointers in the first three games, New Orleans responded with 13, six of th...