Los Angeles Dodgers defeat St. Louis Cardinals, 5-3

LOS ANGELES - The improbable shook Chavez Ravine on a chilled, incessantly blaring Wednesday evening.

The Cardinals brought Chris Carpenter to Game 1 of the Division Series against the Los Angeles Dodgers - and Carpenter brought almost nothing.

With a wasteful offense serving as co-conspirators, the Cardinals landed awkwardly in a 5-3 loss before a crowd announced at 56,000.

A game that teased star power instead offered inefficiency and catatonic pace. The staff s...

LOS ANGELES -- Some of the post-game press conference highlights from Dodger Stadium following tonight's 5-3 St. Louis Cardinals loss in Game 1 of the National League Division series:

Cardinals manager Tony La Russa

(on overall impressions of the lost) "I just think that we got beat. I mean, they were sharper in just about every area. I thought we went about it the right way. I loved the play Albert (Pujols) made at the end, the really there, the guys on base. Couldn...

LOS ANGELES - In the first four innings of Game 1, the Cardinals created more traffic on the bases than you'd find outside of Dodger Stadium on the 110 freeway.

The visitors had 12 of their first 23 batters reach base, and somehow managed to tow only two out of the congestion to score runs.

The Cardinals backed Los Angeles starter Randy Wolf into one corner after another in chasing him for 3 2/3 innings, but never could break him or the blue-man group of Dodger relie...