Miami Heat defeat New York Knicks, 115-93

MIAMI - The Knicks begin with Dwyane Wade and hope to end up with him as well.

Or better yet, LeBron James. Or perhaps Chris Bosh and Joe Johnson.

The NBA is a superstar-driven league, and when the Knicks open the 2009-10 season here tonight, they will already be at a disadvantage. The Heat has a superstar and the Knicks don't.

"He's one of the best without a doubt," Mike D'Antoni said of Wade. "It's not even close. He was very dynamic last year. He willed them to wi...

MIAMI - Is it possible to be eliminated from playoff contention in October?

With the Knicks, anything is possible ... except making shots and a commitment to playing hard-nosed defense.

You would think that the Knicks, owners of eight straight losing seasons, would at the least put in an honest day's work on opening night. Instead, Mike D'Antoni's club went through the motions and was thoroughly embarrassed by the Miami Heat, losing 115-93 in a game that was over ear...

CHARLOTTE - Sure, it was only "one game," but we've seen too many like it from the Knicks over the past eight years to recognize the difference between a trend and an aberration.

What happened to Mike D'Antoni's club in Miami on opening night was alarming yet all too familiar.

The Knicks, 115-93 losers to the Heat, didn't defend, couldn't make shots and until further notice still can't be taken seriously.

"We're definitely not panicking," David Lee said Thursday. ...