Chicago Blackhawks defeat Minnesota Wild, 3-1

CHICAGO - So much for the Cal Clutterbuck overtime winner being the inspirational trigger to snapping the Wild's road woes.

Ever since Saturday, the Wild talked about how critical it was to carry the momentum into the Windy City.

But as usual outside of St. Paul, the momentum carried by the Wild wouldn't have blown out a candle as the Chicago Blackhawks -- playing without captain Jonathan Toews and defenseman Brent Seabrook -- handed Minnesota an eighth consecutive r...

CHICAGO - Just like your high school reunion, where you spent hours in front of the mirror, put on your finest duds and sucked in your gut, a bunch of motivated hockey players --and one executive -- will make an effort to show off and look their very best this week.

Finally, the four games have arrived that have been anticipated since the moment the NHL schedule was released in mid-July: It's Minnesota Wild Reunion Week, and it starts tonight at the United Center.