Ohio State Buckeyes defeat Minnesota Golden Gophers, 38-7

COLUMBUS, OHIO - We're 33 games into the Tim Brewster era and not really sure if this is still the beginning or perhaps the beginning of the end.

A 38-7 loss at Ohio State on Saturday dropped Brewster to 12-21, 5-16 in the Big Ten. That's not good enough, but it's also hard to give up on a guy after less than three years when he was hired based on his ability to recruit.

Ironically, in the midst of a second-half pratfall that ranked alongside some of Brewster's worst...

We can't end the season now," senior tight end Nick Tow-Arnett said. "I want to go to a bowl game; this is my last go-around. This [game against Michigan State] is a game that will make our season. We have to get back on the winning track. We can't have everybody feeling down on ourselves and go on a losing streak like we did last year.