Number of H1N1 Flu-Related Deaths in United States Surpasses 1,000

re Americans have been vaccinated against seasonal flu this fall than ever before by this time of year, federal health officials said Friday.

Sixty million people have gotten the winter flu vaccine — probably because they're paying more attention to flu warnings in general, thanks to swine flu. It's an unprecedented number of seasonal flu shots for October; most usually aren't given until later in the fall.

"We have seen, since the beginning of the pandemic in April and May, more than 1,000 deaths from pandemic influenza and more than 20,000 hospitalizations in this country," Thomas Frieden, head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), told a weekly news briefing.

"We have had, up until now, many millions of cases of pandemic influenza in the US, and the numbers continue to increase," Frieden said, lamenting the scarcity of H1N1 vaccine.