Western Powers Back Iran Uranium Proposal at Vienna Talks

The United States has tentatively endorsed a U.N. proposal for France and Russia to refine a large portion of Iran's low-enriched uranium for use at a Tehran medical research reactor, eliminating immediate concerns that Tehran could produce enough material for a nuclear weapon, Agence France-Presse reported yesterday

It should come as no surprise that Iran wants to shunt France out of a deal to enrich its nuclear fuel abroad. Dividing its enemies and isolating the more hawkish among them has been a hallmark of Tehran's diplomacy, and French President Nicolas Sarkozy routinely plays the tough cop with Iran, threatening and goading its leaders and urging U.S. President Barack Obama to take a tougher line. On Tuesday, Iran struck back with a humiliating slap-down, insisting that France butt out of the deal because Tehran could not trust the nation to honor its commitments.