New Orleans Saints defeat New York Giants, 48-27

Maybe this was exactly what the Giants needed.

It sure sounded that way, one day after the Giants were embarrassed by the New Orleans Saints, 48-27, in what was supposed to be a battle of the two best teams in the NFC. The Saints looked the part, while the Giants looked dazed and confused, especially on defense.

And as it turns out, some members of that Giants defense weren't exactly surprised.

"We pretty much got on our high horses, you know?" safety C.C. Brown s...

It's a long way to January, but the Giants have to at least be a bit queasy about the prospects of going back to the Big Easy if the NFC road to the Super Bowl goes through New Orleans.

The Saints' fast-break offense run by Drew Brees, reminiscent of The Greatest Show on Turf once orchestrated by Kurt Warner with the Rams, went up and down the field on the Giants. It's a quick-pace attack with multiple weapons and is even more dangerous on the fast indoor track.

New ...

NEW ORLEANS - They had seen all the things Drew Brees could do on film, and they knew how explosive the New Orleans Saints were, but the Giants' confidence was still unbowed. They were, after all, the NFL's No. 1 defense.

They never imagined they'd end up getting blown out.

"Yeah, I didn't see this game coming," linebacker Antonio Pierce said Sunday, after the Giants were embarrassed and exposed by the Saints, 48-27. "I didn't see 48 points. And I didn't see Drew Bre...