Los Angeles Dodgers defeat Philadelphia Phillies, 2-1

Destiny is not always about a fireworks show.

Destiny is sometimes about a fight.

It's not always about the big swing, but sometimes the straining bunt, the hard slide, the dugout chat.

It's not always about a walk-off homer, but sometimes simply a walk.

And so the Dodgers celebrated Friday afternoon with loud clubhouse rap music and goofy smiles of relief, having stained their shirts and wrenched their souls and turned another playoff gift into another playof...

He has gone from August castoff to October conqueror.

At this rate, Vicente Padilla could start the World Series opener should the Dodgers make it that far.

All the veteran right-hander has done in two postseason outings is hold two potent lineups to one run in 14 1/3 innings, the latest command performance coming Friday afternoon at Dodger Stadium.

Padilla limited the Philadelphia Phillies to one run in 7 1/3 innings in Game 2 of the National League Champions...

In what could turn out to be the most pivotal moment of his magical season, Andre Ethier said he didn't hear the roar of 56,000 fans at Dodger Stadium. Instead, he said, he heard the calming voice of his hitting coach.

"Don't be too aggressive," Don Mattingly's voice told him. "Don't get yourself out."

Score tied, bases loaded and down to the Dodgers' final strike in the eighth inning, Ethier let one pitch by J.A. Happ sail by him.

Then another.

And another...