Philadelphia Phillies defeat Los Angeles Dodgers, 8-6

The Dodgers slapped around Cole Hamels and forced him out of the game with one out in the sixth inning.

That wasn't enough.

They collected 14 hits and scored six runs.

That wasn't enough.

They held the opposition to eight hits.

That wasn't enough.

Not when the opposition was the Philadelphia Phillies.

The Dodgers dropped the opening game of the National League Championship Series, falling victim to too many walks and a couple of three-run home runs...

George Sherrill knew something was amiss when his fastballs kept missing high and inside to Ryan Howard, the first batter he faced in the eighth inning.

The Dodgers' reliever walked Howard and couldn't straighten out his delivery to Jayson Werth. He walked Werth too.

Sherrill then threw a first-pitch breaking ball to Raul Ibanez that the left-handed slugger belted for a three-run home run that accounted for the Philadelphia Phillies' final runs during an 8-6 victory ...