Irian Jaya Earthquake of 2009

At least three people were killed when a series of powerful earthquakes struck near the northern coast of Indonesia's largest province Sunday, downing power lines, damaging buildings and sparking a tsunami warning.

A 7.6-magnitude quake hit about 150 kilometers northwest of Manokwari, a community in the Indonesian province of Papua, at 4:43 a.m. local time. A second 7.5- magnitude aftershock was also recorded.

Three people have been confirmed dead, including a 10-year-old girl, the Associated Press reported.

A major earthquake struck Sunday near the north coast of West Papua, Indonesia, killing at least two people and injuring 35, government officials said.

The magnitude 7.6 quake occurred at about 4:43 a.m. (2:43 p.m. Saturday ET), about 95 miles (150 km) west-northwest of Manokwari, Indonesia, and about 105 miles (170 km) east-northeast of Sorong -- two cities in the Indonesian province of West Papua.

Dozens of houses were damaged, with four buildings collapsing, according to a spokesman for the National Disaster Coordinating Agency.

Since Saturday, January 3, a total of 16 strong to moderate earthquakes measuring in magnitude from 4.7 to 7.6 have been reported near the north coast of West Papua, Indonesia, both inland and off the coast. There have been no confirmed reports of deaths or injuries; however, there are unconfirmed media reports of at least one fatality, a small number of injuries, and the destruction of two hotels, two banks and a warehouse near Manokwari, Indonesia, 95 miles south southeast of the epicenter following the 7.6 magnitude earthquake. The quakes were felt in Papua New Guinea and the northern Australian city of Darwin, but there were no reports of major damage or injuries.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center reports sea level readings associated with the 7.6 magnitude earthquake indicate that a tsunami was generated, causing tsunami wave activity measuring .1 to .5 feet above normal sea level from Micronesia to Saipan and southern Japan. No damaging waves were reported.

A major earthquake with a moment magnitude of 7.6 (USGS magnitude) occurred at 19:43:55 UTC 3 January (day 003) and was located 93 miles WNW of Manokwari, Irian Jaya, Indonesia (0.51S, 132.787E, 21.7mi/34.7km depth–USGS location).

Two hours and 50 minutes after the first earthquake, a second major earthquake (occurring at 22:33:42 UTC 3 January, 2009) with a moment magnitude of 7.3 (USGS magnitude) occurred 51.7 miles WNW of Manokwari, Irian Jaya, Indonesia (0.695S, 133.279E, 21.7mi/34.7km depth–USGS location).