New York Mets defeat Chicago Cubs, 6-2

A second straight September collapse remains a distinct possibility for the Mets, but GM Omar Minaya is slated to be rewarded either way with a new contract.

A source close to Minaya told the the Daily News Tuesday night the GM received a new multi-year extension.

SPECIAL SECTION: A TRIBUTE TO SHEA reported that Minaya got a four-year extension.

"The matter will be resolved at the end of the season," team spokesman Jay Horwitz said during Tuesday's game ...

As the Mets teeter toward another September disaster, mental health pros have a message for the bumbling players and their white-knuckled fans: Have fun and enjoy the ride.

That may be tough to do, given last season's debacle, but dwelling on the past makes things worse, experts agree.

"You don't want to engage in catastrophic thinking, it's not fruitful," said Dr. John Murray, a sports psychologist based in Palm Beach, Fla.

The players "should make each game a fu...