"Love Story" Is Released

"Love Story" is the title of a song written and recorded by American country artist Taylor Swift.

It is the first single from her second studio album, 2008's Fearless. The song was released in September 2008, and by November it reached the top of the Billboard country chart for two weeks, becoming her third Billboard Number One. It also became her first top five hit on the Billboard Hot 100. As with most of the songs on Fearless, Swift wrote "Love Story" herself. "Love Story" is Swift's first international single, venturing into other markets outside North America and Australia. The single is also Swift's first to receive remixes for the clubs. As of the week ending February 8, 2009, "Love Story" has been downloaded more than 3 million times, making it the most downloaded country song in history. In addition, "Love Story" became the first country crossover recording to hit number one on the Nielsen BDS CHR/Top 40 chart.

Love Story first came out on 2007 September and In an article for Billboard, Swift described "Love Story" as "a love that you've got to hide because for whatever reason it wouldn't go over well. I spun it in the direction of Romeo and Juliet; our parents are fighting. I relate to it more as a love that you cannot really elaborate on — a love that maybe society wouldn't accept [or] maybe your friends wouldn't accept."

The song is a mid-tempo, accompanied by banjo and guitar. The chord progression is a simple I-V-vi-IV, very common in pop music. In the lyrics, the narrator alludes to Romeo and Juliet and The Scarlet Letter to describe a lover whom her father will not let her see. In the end, however, the father reconciles and the lover proposes to the female narrator. The proposal is accompanied by a modulation in key up a tone, from D to E. Swift has repeatedly mentioned in interviews that the song was written around the lyrics, "This love is difficult, but it's real."

The Pop Mix replaces the Country-style instruments (i.e. the banjo) and adds a heavier bassline, a drum loop, and heavier electric guitars.

The International Radio Mix is a hybrid mix of the album version and pop edit, keeping the storybook theme of the original song with a pop overtone arrangement.

In June 2009, Swift performed "Thug Story," a parody of "Love Story," with T-Pain for the CMT Music Awards.