Retro on Roscoe Festival

Retro On Roscoe is the primary fund raising event that enables Roscoe Village Neighbors to sponsor so many community improvements.

Proceeds from Retro On Roscoe provide funds for major projects such as the recent streetscape project, and projects that have improved our local parks. Funds from Retro are used to support for our local schools, Audubon and Jahn, by funding teaching resources and reading materials.

Retro 2008 Breaks All Records!

It’s official. This year’s Retro on Roscoe was AWESOME, wildly exceeding our expectations…and then some

The weather was perfect, the volunteers were mighty and attendance over the weekend numbered a staggering 23,000 + people. In fact, Saturday alone drew over 15,000 people to our fine Village. The bottom line? Retro on Roscoe 2008 was our most successful street fair ever – raising over $100,000 to fund next year’s community projects, support our local schools and continue to help make Roscoe Village one of the most appealing neighborhoods in the city.

Retro on Roscoe was this past weekend and we all attended, of course. It’s hard not to when it’s so close. There’s a stage about 3 houses from ours, so even if we didn’t attend the festival, we’d be listening to the bands anyway.

Steph and I walked around Retro on Roscoe starting at about noon or so. We sampled all of the chilis in the Windy City Chili Cookoff. There were a few unique ones like the pork chili verde, but most of them were red, slightly spicy and very meaty. We tried 9 or 10 different chilis and both agreed that we liked one called “Nikki’s Revenge” the best. We probably could have stopped right there and just had chili samples for lunch, but we decided to go to the polish stand where we ordered one of each flavor of pierogi and a blintze. Steph had never tried either. Funny thing is that neither of us really like sauerkraut, but we both really liked the sauerkraut pierogi. On a side note, Dallas loves the polish stand so much that he had it for dinner two nights in a row and I think he did the same thing last year too.