Miley And Mandy Show: Wake Up America

The Miley & Mandy way to go green. Going green is something that is rarely brought up with the kids today. WE ARE HERE TO TELL YOU, KIDS ARE THE FUTURE! Find fun ways that YOU can go green... and share it with your friends! XOX M&M

This video is of Miley and Mandy dancing around to Miley’s song, Wake Up America. They also are giving you tips too, on how you can go green too. Here are some ways you can go green like them too: unplug your cell phone when it's fully charged, recycle old newspapers and magazines, share books with friends or recycle them too, reuse your plastic water bottle (Make sure to threw it away with in a week. I learned that from an experance.), plant a tree because of it will help carbon doxcide get out of the air too, take showers instead of baths and shop online, because that will prevent you from taking your car and driving it to the mall, and wasting the gas and saving your money (Since gas prices are so high.) and polluting the air around you.