Florida Marlins defeat New York Mets, 8-2

The Mets are doing just fine, lately, at home, against the only two teams they'll probably be worrying about for the rest of the season.

No, make it three teams, because every time the Mets seem ready to sprint into the lead they end up tripping over their shoelaces.

They lost to Florida Sunday, 8-2, the same poor Fish they put away in the first two games of the series. And that makes it six straight winning series, at home. No sweeps, but certainly nothing to cry about...

Unlikely as it  may have once seemed, Mike Pelfrey - and not Johan Santana - is the Mets' leading winner this season.

As such, he has come to expect better of himself, regardless of opponent.

But Pelfrey's recent success still hasn't translated to any wins against the Marlins, who knocked him around Sunday for the third time in as many starts this season. With more thunder in the sky all day than there was in the Mets' lineup, an 8-2 loss at Shea also cost them a cha...