2008 Orgullo Madrid Gay Pride Parade

The gay pide in Madrid is one of the biggest and most popular prides in Europe.

The parade was attended by 1.500.000 people last year. The street parties at Plaza Chueca attracted 300.000 people.

This years areas include 4 main stages in the GAY VILLAGE:

Stage 1: Chueca Sq.

Stage 2: Vázquez de Mella Sq.

Stage 3: Plaza del Rey

Stage 4: Pelayo St.

The Saturday of gay pride weekend features a massive parade through the city center with dozens of trucks. The parade will go from Puerta de Alcalá to Plaza de España, which is about 2 km.

Saturday night, pride goes on during an outdoor party at the park of Lago.Other massive parties include Infinamentegay (website) and of course the special Pride parties at the Madrid gay clubs.