New York Yankees defeat Baltimore Orioles, 13-3

NEW YORK - The Orioles and New York Yankees, divisional foes for more than five decades, have had their legendary controversies over the years, ones that can be described in a few words.

The Jeffrey Maier injustice. The Alan Mills Strawberry punch. Frank Robinson's over-the-wall home run rob.

New York's 13-3 win at Yankee Stadium yesterday certainly wasn't an all-time classic, but it might have its own identifying catchphrase in Orioles lore.

"Kevin Millar's Cute ...

A recap of the Orioles' 13-3 loss to the Yankees yesterday:

Rough start

Orioles right-hander Dennis Sarfate, who lived in Brooklyn until he was 10, made his first major league start, and it just happened to be at Yankee Stadium, where he once cheered. The first inning went well - for a batter. He struck out leadoff hitter Johnny Damon on five pitches. He then issued consecutive four-pitch walks to Derek Jeter and Bobby Abreu before Alex Rodriguez singled to right fie...