Rock around the Block Festival in Chicago 2008

Rock features about thirty of the windy city's best bands continuously performing on three unique stages and four full blocks of interactive fun!

Located at one of the most highly visible intersections in Chicago on Lincoln Avenue at Addison.

The Chicago neighborhood of Lakeview is the most populated area in the Midwest largely due to its great dining, shopping and nightlife.

Over 40,000 people jam onto the four city blocks to experience Chicago's ultimate music and culinary fare. If you like to have fun and listen to music then this event is a must see!

Artisans and crafts vendors, a wide variety of great food, and an array of street performers add to this incredible weekend. Rock Around the Block is an over-all great experience!

Saturday, Jul 12, 2008

Center Stage
Audio DayDream 2:00 PM
Alternative Nation 4:00 PM
Who's Bad 6:00 PM
16 Candles 8:00 PM

North Stage
IRS 2:00 PM
Rock Candy 4:00 PM
7th Heaven 6:00 PM
Too White Crew 8:00 PM

South Stage
Rendition 2:00 PM
Final Say 4:00 PM
One World 6:00 PM
Elevation 8:00 PM

Sunday, Jul 13, 2008

Center Stage
CURBside 2:00 PM
Maggie Speaks 4:00 PM
The Play Doctors 6:00 PM
16 Candles 8:00 PM

North Stage
Slamabama 2:00 PM
Libido Funk Circus 4:00 PM
Dot Dot Dot 6:00 PM
Mike & Joe 8:00 PM

South Stage
FNR 2:00 PM
Hat Guys 4:00 PM
ARRA 6:00 PM
Hairbangers Ball 8:00 PM