Boston Red Sox defeat Tampa Bay Rays, 7-4

Most teams can only dream of such an A-list replacement when the best hitter on their team goes down with an injury.

Imagine a five-tools player with an uncanny batting eye, a swing sweeter than butter, and long, measured strides that eat up great chunks of real estate, whether running the bases or tracking down fly balls.

You'd pay top dollar for such a player, and the Red Sox do. And last night, J.D. Drew placed all those skills on display with the kind of all-arou...

Fighting for first-place in the AL East, the Tampa Bay Rays and Boston Red Sox have quickly developed a testy rivalry.

Josh Beckett and the David Ortiz-less Red Sox regained the top spot in the division Wednesday night with a 5-1 victory over Tampa Bay that featured a hard slide and an exchange of heated words.

Beckett (6-4) allowed one run in six innings and the Red Sox won their 12th straight home game.

Red Sox outfielder Coco Crisp was involved in a flareup in ...