Chicago Gay Pride Parade 2008

One of the city's largest parades, the 39th annual Gay & Lesbian Pride Parade featured over 250 floats and groups along Halsted Street and Belmont Avenue, down to Halsted's northern end at Grace Street.

The parade route followed Broadway to Diversey and east to Lincoln Park.

The Chicago Pride parade was great this year even with the 30 minute pause half way through and the on and off again rain showers toward the end. Gabe and I camped out for about an hour before the parade started which really proved to be futile since people just showed up 5 minutes before the parade and then walked right in front of us. Oh well. We were still on the front lines and got to see everything up close. The whole parade lasted about 3.5 hours and there were sooo many people. Last year they said there were 450,000 people and I’d say we came pretty close to that this year as well. See you all again next year!!

Five stars despite the rain and the delays, or perhaps I should say, because of the rain and the delays! Usually, this thing runs like a well oiled machine, but due to rain and an accident along the route, it ran well over it's usual 2 1/2 hours. Despite the dismal conditions, Chicago's GLBT community marched on, loud and proud, proving once again that Chicago has one of the best GLBT communities anywhere!